Introducing a new program providing an exclusive employee benefit offering for firms and their employees through the CIGNA national PPO network.

LawPAK™ Health


Built specifically for LawPAK™, this platform offers turnkey healthcare solutions for law firms with the opportunity to realize continued savings over time.

LawPAK™ is distinct in its proprietary comprehensive portfolio suite of coverages that provide one-source for any coverage needed, optimized to protect you from the unique risks inherent in the practice of law.

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The New LawPak™ Health platform provides affordable healthcare benefits.

Due to economies of scale, the LawPAK™ Health platform can provide savings of up to 30%.

The platform includes compliance solutions to meet the unique and specific needs of law firms.

The technology-driven platform includes a web-based administration portal, making on-boarding and administering plans quick and easy.

The actuarial and underwriting models provide sustainable plan savings.

Help us redefine your Healthcare coverage by filling out this survey about your current coverage: LawPAK Health Coverage Survey

Let’s explore how LawPAK™ and LawPAK™ Health coverage, service and rates compare to your current insurance programs.
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One-Source delivering All-in-One, Affordable, Peace of Mind.

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