Cyber Security is currently the single
biggest threat to the practice of law.

LawPAK™ SafeLaw


Created by lawyers for lawyers, LawPAK™ SafeLaw coverage offers standalone cyber risk protection created for the unique cyber risks of law firms. The LawPAK SafeLaw coverage was designed to fill gaps in lawyers’ professional liability policies and protect lawyers from first and third party cyber risk losses. 

The Most Prevalent Cyber Threats to Law Firms

Business Interruption
Business interruption occurs when a law firm has a loss of income as the direct result of a system failure or impairment due to a failure of network security.

Fraudulent Funds Transfer
Fraudulent funds transfer is a common issue for law firms – which are often businesses with large free cash flow.

Business Email Compromise
Business email compromise is when an intruder gains access to a firm’s email accounts, often leading to an attempt at installing ransomware or requesting a fraudulent funds transfer.

  LawPAK™ SafeLaw includes:
  • No sub limits of coverage
  • Coverage for your firm’s sensitive data, not just personally identifiable information
  • Coverage for your firm’s whole computer network including outsourced components
  • Legal liability coverage for civil, criminal, regulatory, and disciplinary proceedings  
  • Protection for your firm’s contractual relationships with clients
  • Coverage for theft of money and securities that applies to your firm’s accounts as well as trust accounts
  • No “terrorism” or “war” exclusion.

Free Consultation

  • Assess risk exposures
  • Assure contract certainty
  • ABA Privacy Model Rule accordance
  • Audit privacy policies
  • Develop incident response plans

Security Tools

  • Cyber security posture assessments
  • Social engineering & phishing simulations
  • Privacy policy templates
  • Cyber security best practices

For Agents & Brokers

  • Exclusive resource portal
  • Understanding cyber insurance resources
  • Cyber limit benchmarking calculator
  • Law firm cyber risk and prevention news feed

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